This is a blog for all craftsters.

This is a blog for all craftsters. Here you will find lot's of tips and free patterns, to help you create your own lovely little friends. I hope you'll enjoy your visit.

dinsdag 29 januari 2013

How to make your own lalaloopsy dress ( free pattern)

So here's the pattern and a few tips on how to make a nice little summer dress for your lalaloopsy. I know I'm not actually a seemstress but it works for me...

First you have to make sure that you have the right measurements, all printers are different and sometimes deform the image. I put the pattern on a grid so it should be easy to follow ( it is in millimeters, if you need inches please convert) The outer lines are for the seems, the solid innerline is the actual dress-size.

Then you trace the pattern on see-through paper, pin it onto your fabric and cut it out.
The shoulders have to be sewn first, so you put the right sides on the inside and pin it together ( pin as shown on picture), then sew.
Before you can seem the arm- and neckholes you make a few little snips (shown on picture) because the fabric won't bend otherwise. Now you make the seems (I do this by hand, it's a bit too tiny for me to use the machine)
Now do the seems on the back.
You're almost halfway done already ;)
For the skirt cut a piece of fabric about 70 cm long and 7 cm wide, seem the edges and the lower side, you don't have to seem the side that is going to be attached to the body. Going back and forth of the fabric pull a piece of yarn through the top side, this will create the ruffles. Now make sure that you have the same length as the body and pin together before sewing. If your fabric is thick like the jeans dress you can iron over the waist to make it go down. Maybe you have to cut off excess fabric on the inside.
I like to pimp it up a bit and sew a satin belt or some details, but that's completely up to you off course.
Then just add velcro on the back and you're done!

maandag 21 januari 2013

Sewing clothes for lalaloopsy

I've been working hard to find a nice pattern for dresses for lalaloopsy, none were availlable so I had a go at it myself.. I'm not a very good seemstress but I managed to whip up a half-decent dress. I will share the pattern for free very soon! Bye ;)

woensdag 16 januari 2013

Tips on how to create hair for your crocheted doll

So here's a tip on how to create beautifull hair for your lalaloopsy or other kind of doll:

I use a knitting mill, that's a semi-automatic version of the wooden childrens toy we all know where you pull yarn over loops and a knitted tube comes out.
Then I make tubes of a little bit longer than the desired length (because you can still make it shorter but not longer...) and pin them to the head of my doll, that way I can adjust as I go along. So when the hair looks the way I want it I sew every tube into place. Now it just needs a finishing touch so I embroider some lines on the head (see foto) Good luck!

maandag 14 januari 2013

Lalaloopsy in Wonderland

Here's another cute little girl. This one's inspired on Alice in wonderland. I really love how she turned out :)

Lalaloopsy went to Disneyland !

  • My family and I love Disneyland so I got inspired ;)
Hello fellow craftsters,

My name is Sheila,

About a year and a half ago I saw a picture of a cute crocheted stuffed animal on a colleagues computer. I totally loved it and started wondering if I could make such an animal for my daughter too... I got a little book, a hookery needle and some yarn, and gave it a go. Although it turned out fairly nice it wasn't all that pretty haha ;) But I persisted and went on to make more cute little animals, after all my daughter loved them anyway. And now I can even write my own patterns, that way I started making lovely Lalaloopsy-like dolls myself... (which my friends and family actually fight for haha)

So in this blog you will find tips and tricks about making these lovely dolls xxx