This is a blog for all craftsters.

This is a blog for all craftsters. Here you will find lot's of tips and free patterns, to help you create your own lovely little friends. I hope you'll enjoy your visit.

zondag 10 maart 2013

Amigurumi doll hair part 2

Another way to add hair on your lalaloopsy or other kind of crochet doll is creating curls. Do this by crocheting 20 or 30 slipstitches and then do 3 double crochets in each st. Pin the curls onto the head and check looking from all sides to see that it's even on both sides. Then sew onto the head, check that the curls are stitched firmly. You can also embroider some lines to make it look like combed hair, and if it still looks dull you can also add some metallic yarn lines for a bit of a sheen. Good luck xxx

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