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This is a blog for all craftsters. Here you will find lot's of tips and free patterns, to help you create your own lovely little friends. I hope you'll enjoy your visit.

woensdag 27 februari 2013

free pattern lalaloopsy doll

Hi, today I have for you the free pattern for my lalaloopsy dolls. With this pattern you can crochet your own lalaloopsy doll and feel free to use your imagination and alter things like the length of her stockings or put boots on her instead of shoes... U can do anything really, and check out my pictures on flickr for some more ideas...
 The pattern isn't difficult but there are a lot of colour changes on the back of the head. I've added some pictures below to help visualize what it should look like.
I use catania cotton yarn and crochet hook size 3mm, but check on the wrapping of your yarn what hook it requires.
The pattern is crocheted in the round, do not join rounds.
I always begin by making a "magic ring", it's not hard at all but check on the internet for a tutorial because I can't explain it that well... Also for the color changes I do this : in the last st before the color change pull up loop from previous color but then yarn over with the new color and pull through. Crochet along and later tie the ends together on the back.
For the stuffing you can use fiberfill, or like i do : buy a pillow in a really cheap store and use the filling.


ch = chain
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
st = stitch
slst = slipstitch
to increase : crochet 2 sc in one stitch
crtog = crochet 2 stitches together by pulling up the front loop of the next stitch and yarn over, then pull up the front loop of the second next stitch and yarn over, and then yarn over again and pull through all 3 loops
(nr) = the number of stitches at the end of each row
*..* = repeat everything in-between *
for the "thumb": yarn over and insert in the indicated st, yarn over and pull through st, yarn over again and pull through 2 loops. Repeat this, going into the same st, until you have 6 loops on your hook, then yarn over and pull through all 6 loops.


Starting with the underpants, then working up to her belly and later her head

For the underpants I use crisp white

1) in the "magic ring" crochet 5 sc                        (5)
2) 2 sc in each st                                                  (10)
3) 2 sc in each 2nd st                                           (15)
4) 2 sc in each 3rd st                                            (20)
5) 2 sc in each 4th st                                            (25)
6) 2 sc in each 5th st                                            (30)
7) 2 sc in each 6th st                                            (35)
8) until 10) crochet around                                  (35)

now change to skincolour

11) crochet around using back loops only           (35)
12) crtog every 6th and 7th st                              (30)
13) until 17) crochet around                                (30)
18) crtog every 5th and 6th st                              (25)
19) and 20) crochet around                                  (25)
21) crtog every 4th and 5th st                              (20)
22) and 23) crochet around                                  (20)
24) crtog every 3rd and 4th st                              (15)
25) crtog every 2nd and 3rd st                             (10)
26) 2 sc in each 5th st                                          (12)
27) 2 sc in each 2nd st                                         (18)
28) 2 sc in each 3rd st                                          (24)
29) 2 sc in each 4th st                                          (30)
30) 2 sc in each 5th st                                          (36)
31) 2 sc in each 6th st                                          (42)
32) 2 sc in each 7th st                                          (48)
33) 2 sc in each 8th  st                                         (54)

from this row on we're going to add the hair color, it isn't hard at all but I'll try my best to explain how to do it... ( also I've included some pictures )

34) 2 sc in each 8th st, change color in the 17th sc and back to skin color in the 29th sc
it should look like this now vv vvvvvvvv vv (so you have 12st) hair color          (60)
35) 2 sc in each 9th sc, from now on change color in the 2nd st before the color switch in the previous row and back to skin color also 2 st further than the color change in the previous row. This way you get more and more hair color each row, make sure that you go up evenly. (now you have 17st hair color, and then each row will be 3st more of hair color)  (66)

The pictures included show, from left to right : the first row with hair color, then the second row with the color change before and then after the hair color, then how it should look on the right and then on the left side, and finally a global view from the back of the head.

36) until 43) crochet around
44) crtog each 10th and 11th sc, in this row crochet with skin color only until you reach the hair line, and crochet all the way in hair color from now on.  (60)
45) crochet around                                                (60)
46) crtog each 9th and 10th sc                              (54)
47) crtog each 8th and 9th sc                                (48)
48) crtog each 7th and 8th sc                                (42)
49) crtog each 6th and 7th sc                                (36)
50) crtog esch 5th and 6th sc                                (30)

stuff the body very firmly, for the neck I put in some cotton ear swabs that I bind together so that the neck isn't too wobbly, you can use a piece of wood or plastic too

51) crtog each 4th and 5th sc                               (24)
52) crtog each 3rd and 4th sc                               (18)
53) crtog each 2nd and 3rd sc                              (12)
54) crtog two by two                                            (6)

Stuff the head firmly, slipstitch and pull through every st using a tapestry needle, then tuck in the end

Sew on 2 black buttons for eyes, embroider the eyelashes and the mouth with black yarn. I always hot glue the eyes after sewing them on because they tend to stick out a bit (don't think you can wash the doll in the washing machine anyway; the glue would melt and ruin your doll)
For the hair you can make curls by crocheting a number of slipstitches (like 20 or 30) and then do 3 double crochets in each slipstitch, pin the curls on the head and sew. You can also check my other tutorial on my blog, I will add more as I go along.

For the cheeks use a different kind of skin color :

1) in the "magic ring" sc 6                                (6)
2) 2 sc in each st                                               (12)
3) 2 sc in each 2nd st                                        (18)

slipstitch and fasten off, then sew onto the doll with embroidery yarn (in a different shade of pink), and add some freckles with the same embroidery yarn

Arms :

1) in the "magic ring" sc 4                               (4)
2) 2 sc in each 2nd st                                       (6)
3) crochet around                                             (6)
4) 2 sc in each 2nd st                                        (9)
5) 1 sc, then add a thumb (expl in "abbreviations"), 7sc  (9)
6) crtog each 2nd and 3rd sc                            (6)
7) 2 sc in each 2nd st                                       (9)
8) until 20) crochet around                              (9)

here you will do a left and right shoulder so do 1 arm as in the first column and 1 arm as in the 2nd column

21) sc 8, slst 1                                         (9)        21) sc 3, slst 3, sc 1, dc 2               (9)
22) slst 2, sc 1, dc 4, sc 1, slst 1              (9)        22) dc 2, sc 1, slst 3, sc 1, dc 2      (9)
23) slst 2, sc 1, dc 4, sc 1, slst 1, fasten off          23) dc 2, sc 1 fasten off

Stuff the arms and attach on either side of the body, making sure the thumb faces up.

For the legs, start with shoe sole

1) ch 9                                                                 (9)
2) sc 6, dc 1, dc 4 in next st, dc 1, sc 6               (18)
3) sc 7, *2 sc in next st* 4 times, sc 4, slst 3       (22)

change to shoe color (sometimes same as shoe sole, then do not change)

4) sc around using back loops only                                                 (22)
5) sc 7, *crtog* 5 times, sc 5                                                           (17)
6) using front loops only this round : sc 6, *crtog* 3 times, sc 5     (14)

slipstitch and fasten off
Now go to the leg color (or sock color, what you like) using the back loops of the previous round.
For the decreases just make sure to decrease at the tip of the shoe, and sc the other stitches

7)  *crtog* 3 times at the tip                                (14)
8)  *crtog* 2 times  at the tip                               (12)
9)  *crtog* 3 times at the tip                                (9)
10) until 29) sc around

stuff the leg and then figure out where the hip should be and dc 4 there, do one on the left and one right leg. If you did socks you just change the color whatever length you want your sock to be, do one row back loops only and then you can add a ruffle by *chaining 3 and slst in the next front loop* all around the leg. You can also go from skin color back to the underpant color toward the top of the leg and add a ruffle there so that it looks like 19th century long underwear ;)

For some clothes, I will add more tutorials on my blog please check regularly...

I hope this free pattern is helpfull and good luck making your own lalaloopsy doll !

Please note that this pattern was made up by me for you to use but not for anybody to sell, you can sell the finished product off course

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  1. grazie per questo pattern, anche se non so se riuscirΓ² mai a fare una Lala bella come questa.

    Thanks for this pattern, although I don't know if I will ever make a Lala as beautiful as this.

  2. Awww.. Thank you so much! Mine wasn't that pretty the first time either you know 😊 but I tried and tried and in the end it was beautiful.. Keep on trying ok mAtilda πŸ‘

  3. :)
    grazie per la tua risposta. vieni a trovarmi sul mio blog, ne sarΓ² felice.

    Thanks for your reply. If you want, come and visit me on my blog. I'll be happy

  4. Hello!
    First of all, thank you for a wonderful pattern, I think that your doll is so beautiful.

    I wonder if it is possible for me to translate some of your free patterns into Spanish and share with my blog readers? There are many readers that can not read English descriptions.
    Obviously, I will link to you and your pattern and give you credit for the work!

    Please let me know if it is okay or not.
    Thanks in advance!

    My blog;
    My email:

  5. Can you give more details, like hook size?

    1. Hi Leonardo, I make the doll with Catania cotton yarn and hook size 3mm. But check on the wrapping of your yarn what hook size it requires πŸ˜ƒ xxx

  6. Thank you for this. I've admired her for some time and so pleased to get the pattern and to see you don't mind us selling her. I've only sold a few items for charity so far but it's good to know the creator doesn't mind.

  7. Aww thanks aremgee πŸ˜ƒ I'm glad you love it, and also that I explained it well enough for you to understand the pattern as English is not my own language πŸ˜„ I would love to see a picture of what you made if that's possible (email:

  8. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  9. I came in to this page googling for lalaloopsy pattern. Thanks for sharing this.

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  11. I made 19 dolls already with this pattern :) and my friends are encouraged to make as well.: ) though i change their hairstyles ^_^ i hope u dont mind :) I'd love to show you what I've done if you like to see it of course.:)

  12. Thanks Joan πŸ˜ƒ I'm so glad my pattern is explained well enough then (as I am actually not English..) and I change the hair on each one too πŸ˜„ I am very curious to see your results!! My e-mail is

  13. sy is so oulik cute is die patroon gratis?:)

  14. Aww thanks Shirley πŸ˜ƒ I love the colors of your doll and the smile is well done too!! Xxx

  15. beautiful doll. i would love to make this for my daughter but i dont quite understand crtog , could you maybe show in a video or a picture tutorial each step to this stitch? cant seem to fidn this abrv. anywhere

  16. Thank you for sharing your doll pattern. I have always admired
    these dolls and can do the doll itself,it is the hair that
    worries me. loretta 12/11/2015

    1. Thanks :) There are also amigurumi hair tutorials on Pinterest, maybe you can find soms tips there..? Xxx

  17. I don't have any dolls anymore but I think about 20cm tall..

  18. I just finished this doll. Modified the arms and legs, but very nice pattern. Thank you

  19. I just finished this doll. Modified the arms and legs, but very nice pattern. Thank you

  20. Thank you for the pattern. The doll is too cute!

  21. Thank you for the pattern. The doll is too cute!

  22. I'm not understanding the part where you decrease at the tip of the shoe.

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