This is a blog for all craftsters.

This is a blog for all craftsters. Here you will find lot's of tips and free patterns, to help you create your own lovely little friends. I hope you'll enjoy your visit.

woensdag 13 maart 2013

Crochet dress for dolls

Hi, in this post I will show you how I make my dresses for my lalaloopsy dolls. I used a free pattern from Beth Webber and adapted it into almost every dress I made for my dolls.
Once you get the pattern you will be able to use it for any kind of doll.

First you have to decide on where you want the waist to be ( high up always looks so cute, but maybe you like it a bit lower...) We're starting with the upper part of the dress, going up and down the bodice, and are going to work our way beginning at the center back, then to the side and over the belly to the other side and back to the back again.

For my doll I want the waist high up so I chain 5, sc 4 starting in the 2nd st from the hook, and chain 1 at the end of each row. Crochet along, always sc 4 and chain 1.
After a number of rows (in my case 13) you reach the point where the arm stops. That's where you want to add some sc's to go higher up to the neck so in the last 2st do 2sc, now you have 6st, plus a chain for the turn. Crochet along, going back and forth until you reach the other arm. ( that's 10 rows in my case)
Here you need to decrease two to go back down under the armpit. Make sure you decrease on the upper side of the bodice, same side as where you did the increases. So now you have 4 st, plus the chain for the turn.
Crochet along until you meet the other end. If you lay the bodice flat the higher part should be right in the middle.
Now for a nice trim go all around the bodice and do a chain of 3 in the middle of one end for your button.

If you feel confident you can crochet the shoulderstraps on as you go but you can also do them seperatly and attach them later on. (Or maybe do nice satin or lace straps...) In case you do want to crochet them on you have to do one from front to back and the second one from back to front (otherwise the trim won't look as nice)
So do like I do : sc your trim until the point where you want the strap to be, then chain some until it reaches the back, attach and sc your way back to the front. Now sc the trim further until you reach the back of the second strap, do the same number of chains, attach and sc your way to the back again. Finish your trim and you're done with the top part of your dress. Add a button in the back.

So now you have a nice top already, wich you can use as is, sew a skirt on (maybe satin or tule or whatever material you want...) or crochet a skirt on which I'll show how to do.
The skirt will be crocheted in the round.
First do 2sc in each st at the bottom of the bodice but use the back loops only. When you reach the end do a slipstitch to attach both sides to each other.
Now do 2 rows sc around.
Next *sc 4 and 2sc in the next st*, repeat all around.
Then do 2 rows sc around.
Now I like a fun look so I do a wavy edge, but you can just leave it like it is and finish off.
For the wavy look you count your stitches and divide into 3 ( if you want you can do 5 also...) I had 66st so that's 22, and maybe you want to take a pencil and a note to write down what you want your wave to look like.
I did 2 slipstitches, 4sc, 3dc, 4tr, 3dc, 4sc and 2 slipst. And repeat all this 2 more times. So you will see that you went up and down.
I had some lacy ruffled trim and added this along the edge.
Your dress is almost finished but you may want to add a petticoat, for that you make a strip of fabric ( about 6 cm to 40 cm) and seem it top and bottom. Then on one side take a sewing needle and go back and forth off your fabric to gather the skirt.
Pin the ruffled skirt to the inside of your dress and sew.
Pimp up the dress with some bows or satin band or ...

Voila, we're done. I hope I explained everything well and wish you good luck making your own dresses ;)

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