This is a blog for all craftsters.

This is a blog for all craftsters. Here you will find lot's of tips and free patterns, to help you create your own lovely little friends. I hope you'll enjoy your visit.

zondag 12 mei 2013

Crafting for lalaloopsy mini's

Lately I haven't been that busy with the lalaloopsy stuff because I've developped a passion for Blythe dolls... But here I am with a tip on how to make your own inexpensive lala-mini dollhouse!

I took an old wooden case that was used for holding wine bottles. Then with mod-podge glued crafting paper in the rooms. Also for the floors I printed out flooring patterns and glued those on too. Then just some decorating is needed and : voila! There you have your own little dollhouse, decorated the way you like it! :)

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